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40th BW Logo This Web Site was established in July 1998. Our mission is in honoring the men and women of SAC who served their country while with the 40th Bombardment Wing during the cold war years from 1953 to 1964. We offer our thanks for their years of dedicated service in doing a job well done thanks to our countries Leaders, Commanders, Flight Crews, Line Chiefs, Flight Chiefs, Crew Chiefs , Ground Crews and the many support groups and people it takes to support a U.S. Air Force Bomb Wing to keep three Squadrons of Bombers and one Aerial Refueling Squadron of aircraft flying. Alert aircraft flying around the clock seven days a week, 12 months a year, year in and year out over a duration of many years. The 40th Bomb Wings history goes back to its forerunner the 40th Bombardment Group. April 1st 1941, patrolling Caribbean waters with B-18's, B-17's and B-24's. As the war progressed transitions into the new advanced B-29's, flying the South Pacific striking Japan's home land in efforts to end the war early with Japan..

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25th BS-- 44th BS-- 45th BS-- 40th ARS-- 660th BS --40th A&E-- 40th HQS.. 40th PMS-- 40th FMS--- 40th-OMS, Support from the 36th ADS (Armament Defensive systems) and 36th MMS (Munitions Maintenance Sq.) from the 802nd Air Division.

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General Curtis LeMay
General Curtis LeMay
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Approach to Runway 17, Smoky Hill AFB, KS

September 11th 2001
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This Web Site created and maintained by Don Carey. My many thanks to Jim Diamond and Bud East for the collection of historical text files of Wing history and Squadron information provided. Other thanks to Paul Frye, Ken Stansel, Leland Cook, Fred Washek, Rabern Hagenmaier, Lee Hasson, Robert Hanaway, Benny Moore, Clyde Garrison, Pat Buske, Tom Kiesel, David Russell, Arlo Waggoner, Darrell Rasmussen, Glen Boren, Randy Ferry, Bobby Small, Duane Tuttle, James Grimes, Donald Nicholas, Jim Kozel, Jack Wright, Richard Crapnell, Bob Warren, Edward Beach, Bill Evans, Curtiss Dotzenrod, Rolynn Prechtl, Bob Baker, Vernon Clayson, Roe Walker , Bob Liberty, Bob Dardon, Bill Umberger, Bill Gulledge, Leon Sanger, Charles Peterson, Dick Koepke, Jim Pede, John & Betty Beeson, Helen Weisel and Pat (Buske) Townsen, Arlo Waggoner 802nd AD, Bill Schuck, Roy Morgan, Garet Garrett, Harold Lewis, Vera Davis, Tom Fenwick, William M. Gulledge, Nancy Crowley, Linda East, Roy Notley, James Stell, Jim Spencer. John Vickers, Ken Holland, John G. Mitchell, and the Tex Burns Family for their contributions of information and or photo's. Russ Wetzel Pictures of his Dad Colonel Albert John (RED) Wetzel. Please forward any comments about this Web Site to Don Carey Web Master

Final Notice
Last May 3, 2015
..Sadly have added CMS Robert E. Williams, 44th BS long time Crew Chief to our Memorial Wall Sadly have added T/Sgt Larry N. Curley to our Memorial Wall,, Rec'd word April 22, 2008 that S/Sgt Jim Kozel Boom Operator with the 40th ARS passed away on March 31, 2008.. I have entered Jim into our Memorial Wall.. Rec'd word that Crew Chief Paul R King of the 45th BS pass away on May 8th, 2008 and have entered Paul King into our Memorial Wall.... Sadly have add notice of the passing of S/Sgt. William Gulledge, Crew Chief in the 40th ARS..... Added new story to Contrails.... With sadness have added the passing of S/Sgt William M. Gulledge, 40th ARS Crew Chief to our Memorial Wall.... Added update to 40th OMS and Memorial Wall..............Updated Links... Added new story in Contrails.....Sadly have added the obituary for LT General William F. Pitts.. He served as the 44th Bomb Squadron commander from 1953-1956. At this time a Lt Col...Have sadly this day March 17, 2010, added to our Memorial Wall the passing of CMS Walter Satcher at age 88 on August 11, 2009. Walter was a long time old friend to many in the 40th bomb Wing and will be greatly missed by his family and friends the world over...... Added newspaper clipping of 25th BS aircraft crash back in 1955... Added Lt. Colonel Raymond Wilson, 40th A&E to our Memorial Wall...... Colonel Robert N. McChesney of the 25th BS has passed away. See details on Menu Page......... S/Sgt Ken Stansel crew chief 44th BS has past away... Colonel Charles (Dick) R. Koepke past on at 82 on April 27, 2011,,,, Received word that our long time friend Crew Chief with the 44th BS M/Sgt Arthur (Cookie) Cook past away April 23rd, 2012............ CMS Charles (Chuck) Winners with the 40th ARS Past on May 12, 2012......Colonel George D Moore Jr 44th BS passed away July 6, 2012.....A/1C Roger Naylor 40th FMS Dec 28, 2012........LTC David Clark- CMD Pilot 44th BS Passed away on Jan 17th, 2013........ M/SGT Jim Diamond Crew Chief with the 44th BS Past on July 3, 2014.... Major Douglas Harrington Feb 10, 2014...... SMS Richard (Dick) Carpnell Aug 5, 2014...A/1C Fred Boeke 40th FMS August 20, 2013............. A/1C Joe W. Owens 40th FMS Feb 5, 2014... Major Eugene (Gene) J. Kempton 44th BS Cmd B-47 & B-52 Pilot Died @ age 78 Nov 16, 2010..... Roe Walker 44th BS CMD Pilot passed away- November 24, 2014.... SMS Vadah (Sonny) Skelton passed away on January 5, 2015.....S/Sgt Harvey Lusk of the 44th BS slipped away on June 11, 2013 to be with his Lord...S/Sgt Walter D. Wicks of the 45th BS B-47 Crew Chief slipped away on August 12, 2014...... M/Sgt, Jon (Mutt) Matula 40th PMS -Passed away June 13, 2015..... Major Otto Norman Bie (Cappy)... Died March 29, 2015... Major Rocco R. Falotico-25th BS-Bomb Nav....June 3, 2015............Patrick M. Liste 40th HQS- May 28, 2015... Colonel Dean Orin Gilstrap CMD Pilot 44th BS...Passed away Dec 21, 2014..........Major Douglas Harrington CMD Pilot 44th BS Past away on February 10, 2014....

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